Martin Rosol's Quality Meats New Britain CT 06053
Martin Rosol's Quality Meats New Britain CT 06053Martin Rosol's Quality Meats New Britain CT 06053Martin Rosol's Quality Meats New Britain CT 06053
Martin Rosol's Quality Meats New Britain CT 06053
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Martin Rosol's Inc. would like to thank The Bristol Press and The New Britain Herald for publishing articles and photos about the company in Polish and English. Go to articles now.
100% Guaranteed
"We challenge you to find tastier products!"
- The Rosol Family

Martin Rosols for over 80 years
Satisfying Customers with Great Food and Service for 84 Years!

Welcome to Martin Rosol's Meats

What Distinguishes Martin Rosol's From Other Meat Products?

45 Grove Street, New Britain, CT 06053
Telephone 860-223-2707 or 860-223-2708 ~ Fax 860-229-6690
Extended Business Hours for Easter:
Monday - Friday 7 am - 5 pm
Saturday 7 am - 12 Noon
Closed Sundays
Our Online Store Is Open 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week
Where to Buy Martin Rosol's Products . . .
  • At our retail shop on 45 Grove Street, New Britain, CT.
    For directions click on map below.
  • At many grocery stores, chain stores and hot dog stands throughout Connecticut.
Martin Rosol's for more than 80 years
Headline as it appeared in The Bristol Press:
Martin Rosol's Yesterday
and Today
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Martin Rosol's Meats and Other Products
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Martin Rosol's Inc. Wishes Everyone
a Safe and Delicious Fall!
Many of our products are great on the grill including hot dogs, kielbasas, kellies, kielbasa patties and hamburger patties. Don't forget to top off the hot dogs with our family recipe chili (hot dog sauce).
Tradition - Martin Rosol's Meats are produced using many of the original recipes created by Martin Rosol himself. When products are this good, you don't change 'em.
Service - If you're not satisfied, we're not satisfied. We stand by our products 100%.
Quality - At Martin Rosol's Meats, we pride ourselves on the quality of our products. We have been producing high quality, delicious products since 1928. Our Kielbasa, Frankfurts, Kellies, Veal Loaf and many other meat products and provisions are produced to the highest quality standards.
Teach your kids to enjoy
lunch box sandwiches
filled with
Martin Rosol's meats.
Fall is a good time to serve up party foods made with
Martin Rosol's products!
  • Football Games
  • World Series Games
  • Halloween Parties
  • Victory Parties on Election Day